Our beauty care products are all natural with no added chemicals. All products include Hokutolite Stone Energy from Tamagawa Onsen, Akita, to help revitalise, detox and rejuvenate the skin using radium trace energy, negative ion and far infrared ray. Resulting in smooth, brightened and wrinkle-free skin! Our beauty care products include Hokutolite Energy Face Mask, Yunohana EnergyYoghurt Mask, Hokutolite Ceramic Plate, Yunohana Rejuvenating Face Moisturizer, Energy Foot Peel and Moisturizing Foot Mask.


Our health care products are proven to heal, rejuvenate and restore the body with Hokutolite stone energy. With medically certified negative ions, radium trace energy and far infrared ray in each product, it has medical healing benefits that aids people with body aches or needs restoration. Our health care products include Hokutolite Healing Cream, Hokutolite Knee and Elbow support sleeves, Hokutolite Energy Shoes, Hokutolite Abdominal support various Hokutolite Energy Bracelet and Hokutolite Back Support Belt.


Health starts from home. Our home care products comprise of everyday household items that incorporates Hokutolite stone energy. Our home care products include Hokutolite Shower Head, Hokutolite Water Spirit, Hokutolite Miracle Enhancer, Hokutolite Water Filter, Onsen Matress, Hokutolite Footbath and Hokutolite Memory Foam pillow. All products with its 3in1 energy of radium trace, negative ion and far infrared ray reduces free radicals, activates cells, increase immunity and improve blood circulation.