Sterwina Kho, Managing Director of Yunohana Wellness

Sterwina Kho, Managing Director of Yunohana Wellness


Hi, and welcome to Yunohana Wellness! Being the only Hokutolite Energy Japanese Onsen Medical Spa in South-East Asia, we are passionate about moving you to your best quality of life. We offer therapies, which incorporates 3-in-1 combination of the world’s only Hokutolite stone radium trace energy, far infrared ray and negative ion. Our therapies are scientifically proven to naturally heal the body and they include Hokutolite Bedrock Therapy, Face Rejuvenation Therapy and Healing Legs Therapy. We also offer slimming therapies such as our Hour Glass Body Contouring Therapy and Cellulite Reduction Therapy.

At Yunohana Wellness, our goal is to deliver experiences that raise the bar in the health industry. We believe we’ll accomplish this by delivering non-conventional health therapies for you to heal, rejuvenate, improve blood circulation, increase immunity and metabolism. With our highly trained therapists who share our values and passion, our commitment to those who entrust us is to create an environment where you can achieve the healthiest quality of life from deep within your body. Explore more of what Hokutolite Energy can do for you by visiting our centre, and we guarantee you, being healthy has never been easier.


Sterwina Kho