Tamagawa Onsen is located in the southwest of Japan Towada Hachiantai Park. There are improvements shown on the people who were suffering from long-term illnesses after carrying out the bedrock therapy in Tamagawa Onsen on a daily basis. This has become a mysterious miracle in the medical field. Hence, the healing power of Tamagawa Onsen and natural bedrock therapy have been spread across the world and its popularity vastly increased. In-depth studies of the effect of the Tamagawa by many doctors and researchers from Northeastern and Iwate Universities. Bookings for treatments in the Tamagawa Onsen may need to be booked a year in advanced due to its growing popularity.

Miracles of the World: Hokutolite.

Hokutolite was discovered in the year 1905 during the colonization of Japan in Taiwan. There was a time where a technician of Mineral Department in Taiwan Governor- General Office, Okamoto Yohachiro discovered that the crystal stones spread along the River of Beitou at the geothermal valley of Beitou has caused the auto-exposure of the film in the camera. It was later being confirmed that the element consists of lead sulfate, barium sulfate and the trace amount of radium element. Hence, it was published and named as Hokutolie which means “Stone of Beitou”. Among the 4,000 types of mineral in the world, Hokutolite is the only stone that is named after a place in Taiwan. Since then, hokutolite has played an important role in World Mineral Research. In 1916, hokutolite was also discovered in Tamagawa Onsen of Japan. In 1922, Hokutolite has been designated as a special natural monument by the Japanese Heritage Province and classified Tamagawa Onsen as protected areas where prohibit prople to exploitation as well as illegal mining. Today, hokutolite can be found in these 2 places only. 

Bedrock Therapy: Commonly known as Dried Bathing Spot or Dried Onsen

Bedrock therapy is a bath method without using water and also known as dried bath or dried onsen which involves a person lying on a bed of rocks containing natural minerals at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius as well as humidity of about 60-70% to enjoy the low temperature sauna with far infrared and anions. Bedrock therapy can be set in the metropolitan area, this is can also be called the city onsen. Because of its convenience and effectiveness, it has been spread throughout Japan rapidly.