What is the origin of Tamagawa Onsen?
Tamagawa Onsen of Akita, Japan, is the natural Stonespa using terrestrial heat. It releases large amount of anion radiation. It is popular among those with illness, having 150,000 visitors a year.

Why is it better not to take a shower after having the Stonespa?
In order to maintain the activity of cells as long as possible, the cells fully absorb good substances after being stimulated by three kinds of different energy. Taking a shower might decrease the good effects; therefore, we suggest our customers not to take a shower afterwards.

How does the Stonespa differ from the Far Infrared Stonespa and Sauna?
Recently, it is often mentioned that Far Infrared Stonespa can warm up our body to the deepest part. Though there is this kind of saying, the infrared could actually get inside of our body for only 3 to 4 centimeters. Also, the comfort wouldn’t last for a long time. On the other hand, the temperature of Sauna is too high, which will only trigger the protective reaction of our skin. It can bring out the sweat but not those with aged substances, so our body could still be tired. Hokutolite Stonespa has micro elements of Tamagawa Onsen (Man-made Hokutolite). It can go straight through into the deepest part of our body and maintain the comfort for a long time.

How does the stone used in Stonespa differ from others?
Let’s take Stonespa’s representative stones, Kyushu Tensho Stone (stone that contains far infrared materials) and Hokkaido Black Chert (stone that contains both far infrared and anions) as example. Tamagawa Onsen Stonespa has not only far infrared and anions but micro elements, which is also the most important element.

What is a man-made Hokutolite?
Hokutolite is the gift of nature, and collecting it is forbidden for sure. The natural Hokutolite is not allowed to collect. Hokutolite is the yunohana after the Tamagawa Onsen settles down. In the yunohana, it continuously radiates the same micro elements as Hokutolite. Therefore, we burn the yunohana under 1800℃, making it become ceramic, which is also the man-made Hokutolite.

Do we have to lie on the back in the Stonespa bed?
Although there is no specific rule; however, we still hope our customers could lie on their back for efficiency. This way, we could get together the acupoints of our back bone and both armpits, giving them the effect of acupressure. When we lie on our back, we wouldn’t compress our breath and could have the Stonespa in a very relaxing way.

Are there any bad side effects experienced during or after having the Stonespa?
Being stimulated by energy, our body produces good reflection. The body undergoes rapid transformation and the blood flows fast, the cells’ adaptation to energy stimulation makes us warm up and feel tired. We can lie down quietly for thirty minutes.

What do we have to notice about Stonespa?
Please drink water before having the Stonespa and while resting. If we have the Stonespa without keep drinking water, there is a possibility for dehydration. Please keep this in mind.

When can’t we have the Stonespa?
Please do not have the bedrock therapy after exercising, on an empty stomach, after drinking, or during pregnancy.

Why do I feel extremely tired the next day of having the Stonespa?
The Stonespa uses heat and energy to activate all the important organs, blood and lymph. It consumes the same calorie amount as jogging for thirty kilometers. To those who don’t o exercise regularly the effect might be too heavy so they feel extremely tired the next day. The Stonespa is also called lazy exercise. The symptom of exhaustion will disappear as long as we keep doing it.

Why would I feel dizzy after having Stonespa?
1. When having the Stonespa, the blood of organs will flow to the outer part, enlarging the capillaries and cause blood pressure drop. At this time, if we get up immediately, the blood wouldn’t flow fast enough to the brain and makes the dizziness. The symptom would disappear after a short rest. Don’t worry.

2. Having the Stonespa will consume a lot of calories from our body. If we keep our stomach empty for too long and do not supply sugar regularly to our body, it might be short of sugar. This is also one of the reasons that causes dizziness. As long as we ingest some sugar, the dizziness should be gone.

3. When having the Stonespa, it consumes a lot of oxygen. Lack of oxygen will also cause dizziness. Properly supply oxygen to our body could also ease the dizziness.