The Yunohana Hokutolite Bedrock Therapy today has been scientifically proven of its effects and benefits by various research professionals to test its helpfulness in terms of eliminating harmful substances of the body-  toxic heavy metal being successfully expelled while injured body parts are able to undergo gene repair .

According to Japan’s Chiba Prefecture Health Hospital and Dr Ota, founder of Hokutolite stones and a few researchers, this bedrock therapy is also beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer. Once body temperature is increased, the body metabolism and immune system will also increase.

The combination of the 3 trace elements allows the body to be heated from deep within, therefore the sweat produced from the therapy (sebaceous glad – commonly only activated when a person has jogged for 30km) is different from the normal sweat. The Japanese call this the “Clean Sweat”.

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Combination of 3 trace elements:
Yunohana Hokutolite Stone – enhances immuity, reduces free radicals, repair injured skin and tissues.
High Concentration Of Negative Ion- activates cells and tissues, purifies blood.
Far Infrared Rays- improves blood circulation, alleviates pain.


Benefits of Yunohana Hokutolite Bedrock Therapy
A.    Enhances the effect of immunity:  with 1 ℃ temperature rise, the immunity is increasedby 30
percent thus strengthens overall health effects.

B.     Improves the effectiveness of systemic circulation: most suitable to treat pain and a cold body.
C. Diaphoresis effect: Adjusts the balance of autonomic nervous system
Adjusts the volume of excess body water, commonly known as water poisoning
Reduces pollutants in the blood. Discharges lactic acid, fatty acids, cholesterol and other factors caused by fatigue.
D. Detoxification and Slimming effects: This type of heat will penetrate into the depths of the body, it can increase metabolic rate of the liver and organs and accelerate blood circulation. As a result the activity of human cells and sebaceous glands start to accelerate the discharge of oil and the toxins.
E. Slimming and Beauty effect: To promote perspiration and eliminate subcutaneous fat: Washes sweat glands, sebaceous glands to get rid of impurities,  open pores, provide fresh oxygen to promote breathing, and let the skin be child-like smooth and soft.


Other benefits include:
·         Activation of Autonomic Nervous System
·         Strengthens Immune System & Speeds up Metabolism
·         Anti-aging, Skin Radiant & Regulates Hormonal Functions
·         Body slimming, Dissolves Body Fat & Dissolves Triglyceride
·         Balances Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Level
·         Reduces Water Retention and Swelling

·         Improves Bowel Movement & Detoxification
Enhances Blood Circulation
·         Reduces Cholesterol Level
·         Improves Stress Tolerant, Body Fatigue & Muscle Rheumatism
·         Improves Arthritis & Gout
·         Increases Muscle Strength, Vatility & Mental Stability
·         Increases Oxygen & Nutrients in the Cells

The three main phases of Yunohana's  Hokutolite bedrock therapy:

Phase 1: Warming up and laying on belly (10-15 minutes)

Warms up internal organs and increases body temperature. Once done, a glass of negative-ion water is consumed.

Phase 2: Perspiration stage and laying on side of body (10-15 minutes)

Regulates body temperature and lymphatic system while promoting blood circulation. Once done, a glass of fresh lemon water is consumed.

Phase 3: Secretion phase while laying face-up (10-15 minutes)

Opens up pores and removes harmful substances and toxins while burning calories and increases metabolic capacity, thus reducing body fat. Once done, a glass of extracted mineral water from Tamagawa is consumed.